My website and welcome to it.

It’s finally here.

For years, they’ve asked me, “When are you going to get your own website, Jeff? When will you become an official member of the Internet community, like the rest of us? Have you no pride, man? No courage? No showmanship?”

Well, it seems I do. And here is the end result, in all its blue-green glory, baby. All built by Marilla Wex of Kvetchco Inc.

Have a look around. I’ve got new photos, fun links, mp3s of the spoken-word pieces of mine that people seem to like the best, and information on my upcoming one-man show, Grouch on a Couch.

There’s even a cute little logo of my name. See? Innit cute? Wooza wooza wooza wooza.

You will also find listings of upcoming events. The next one is Wednesday, May 5, in the comedy show “Poppin Wednesdays” at Neutral. I plan to perform a work-in-progress excerpt from Grouch.


The Official Website of Jeff Cottrill

Welcome to the website of Jeff Cottrill.

Jeff Cottrill is a writer, actor, journalist and spoken-word artist in Toronto. He’s the handsome young gent in the pic you see up there.

“How d’you do?” he says. He is very pleased to meet you.

Check the links at the top for more info on Jeff, including a bio, news, photos, some mp3s of his material, how to buy his CD, some web links he recommends, and the skinny on his one-man show, Grouch on a Couch.