Down with pageants and that sort of thing.

Four months! How have you survived four months without a post from me here? [listens through earpiece] What? Almost nobody even reads this website? Oh. [listens again] What? Jon Stewart wants me to stop stealing his earpiece bit? Oh.

I was travelling and doing stuff. I was making people laugh in Ireland and England, while freezing half to death in Scotland. I even offended a few people at one gig. Happy days. Maybe I’ll go back next year.

Did you think Hot Sauced Words was dead? You were wrong.
Hot Sauced Words may be over as far as monthly events, but it’s bringing back its annual Anti-Pageant Show this Tuesday, care of the Art Bar. And I’m one of many people who’ve been asked to read or perform a three-minute set – others being Allan Briesmaster, Myna Wallin, David Clink, Nicki Ward, Edward Nixon, Josh Smith and several more, with music by Walk on the Wire. Co-hosted by James Dewar and Kate Marshall Flaherty.

Only $5 for an evening of lovely poetry, spoken word and music, with proceeds going to the Daily Bread Food Bank. Here’s the Facebook event page.

If you’re not on the Facebook, you can see details on the right sidebar here.
If your computer cannot display sidebars… well, I can’t help you there. Sorry.

Also: If you have a time machine, I’m hosting the Art Bar on November 28.

Still doing journalistic stuff when I have time, too. This article I wrote for OHS Canada received some attention back in August:

“Weed at Work”

Also doing the occasional theatre review for Digital Journal now and then. Check out what I’ve reviewed recently at this link.

And I also write fun listsicles about Toronto events and attractions for the Yellow Pages website. Here are a few recent ones:

“Great Places to Buy Unique Holiday Gifts”
“Top Holiday Season Shows and Performances This Year”
“Thirteen Haunted Places You Can Visit in Toronto”
“Ten Places to Visit in Toronto This Fall” (Hey, fall’s not over yet, is it?)

That’s all I got for now, little guy. Keep it real.