March Breaks Bad

My website disappeared for a few days, but you probably didn’t notice.
For the second time in as many years, my domain name expired and nobody thought to tell me. Didn’t even think to send me a warning e-mail or anything. But it’s all right now. I just paid a small fortune to renew the silly thing for ten (10) (X) years. That’s a full decade more of this lovely website that almost nobody visits. Enjoy.

This Tuesday, I’m hosting the Art Bar, Canada’s longest-running poetry series.
“Whatwhatwhat?” you gasp in shock. “They’re letting Jeff host the Art Bar? But… but… but… he’s just going to make it about him, isn’t he? He’s going to tell offensive jokes the whole night and then try to force us to buy his chapbooks! Maybe he’ll slap a disabled person or something! He might get drunk and make out with a woman in public — consensually, of course, but still! What if he says ‘hooker’ again? I don’t think I could handle it. Stupid Jeff!”

I don’t think the evening will go quite like that. At least not this time.

Besides, the real reason to go is to see great poetry sets by Viral Gor (a.k.a. Virus the Poet), Diana Manole and Rocco de Giacomo. And you can win $20 for being the best open-mic performer.

Check the right sidebar for details.
If those details aren’t enough to satisfy your crippling urge for details, visit the series’ website here.

In other news… I’m back, baby.

Back in the freelance-writing game, that is. Just landed a new gig writing listsicles and whatnot about Toronto events and stuff for the Yellow Pages website. If it’s not too late, here are a couple of recent March Break-themed pieces:
“Toronto’s top March Break hotel deals and packages”
“Last minute March Break camps and drop-ins in Toronto”

Also, here’s a cover story I recently wrote for OHS Canada:
“Trouble in the Big House”

That’s all for now. Keep up the good work, laughing boy.