I won a Tony Award. Oh, no I didn’t — April Fool!

Thank you, one and all, to those of you who came out to see Grouch on a Couch, whether it was during last year’s festival run or at the Bread and Circus a couple of weeks ago. Although the show was far from a smash hit or a critical darling, I’m aware that many of the people who saw it liked it a lot. I received plenty of positive feedback on the script and on the honest passion that went into writing and performing the show. That matters a lot. It makes having done the show seem, in retrospect, very worthwhile, however little I may have gotten out of it financially or in reputation.

And now, it’s time for the Grouch to hang up his trash can for good.
At least, I’m through with the show as a live performance. That doesn’t mean the world will never hear from Grouch on a Couch again. I’m seriously considering publishing the script (along with an introduction) as a chapbook with Burning Effigy. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch me pimping a home-burned DVD at some point. But I just don’t see the point of mounting the show anymore. If you want me to be brutally honest (and would the Grouch want it any other way?), it seems like an enormous amount of hard work and time spent, not to mention hundreds of dollars (thousands last year), to put into a show that relatively few people want to see. If I could have some kind of guarantee that I’d bring in a good turnout every time, and that more non-fringe media could come to the show and actually take it seriously, perhaps that would make a difference. But that ain’t gonna happen, people. Let’s not kid ourselves.

So if you wanted to see Grouch on a Couch but never made it out, all I can say is… sorry, bud. All gone. Should’ve postponed the manicure until another week.

But let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s get on with the present, shall we? Yes, let’s shall.

First up: Next Friday the 8th, I will be a cast member in the comedy sketch “Dinner at Arthur and Martha’s”, written by Charlene Winger, at improv night Jammin’ On The One. It’s a wacky scene about a family holiday dinner gone wrong. The sketch will also feature Tanya Morgan, Terry Kan, Shelley McCabe, Dani Alon and Winger. There’ll be another featured performer, all followed by an open improv jam (short-form games).

And then, the following week… I’m jumpin’ on a plane.
Yep, it’s been almost three years, but I’m heading back across the pond. It’s time for Jeff’s Third U.K. Mini-Tour! Three gigs in London, one in Reading and one in York. Also some open-mic pit stops in London and Manchester. Along with some visits with friends, a bit of West End theatre, fish and chips and crisps, and cider that doesn’t suck. Maybe I’ll even find time to stalk Lily Allen, who knows.

So, if you’ve got any friends in the land of lorries and lifts, particularly London, tell them to come out and hear me say and read silly things in front of other writers and poets.

You can find all details on the above events on the right sidebar, under “upcoming events”.

Fare thee well, young creatures of the wind.