Burn, effigy, burn. Effigy inferno.

I’ve got a dead horse to beat.

Sure, there must be dozens of practical uses for dead horses. You can boil them into glue, you can cook them into horse meat, you can radish them into horseradish. You can scatter them all over a field and film them for a post-battlefield scene in that big American Civil War movie you’re directing. And so on. Yet so many of us keep insisting on beating dead horses anyway. Which, I suppose, is much better than beating live horses.

So, like I said, I’ve got a dead horse to beat. This horse is called Grouch on a Couch. Remember? That Fringe show I did, the one that you probably didn’t go see? Well, you may have heard, it’s now a chapbook.

I launched the book unofficially at the Word On The Street book fair back in September. Two months later, it’s going to get an official launch party at our old friend, the Black Swan – along with two new horror-fiction chapbooks from Burning Effigy Press: Black-Eyed Kids, the latest installment of the Felix Renn/Black Lands stories, by Ian Rogers; and Vanishing Hope by Tobin Elliott.

November 27. Black Swan. More deets on the right sidebar.
And please visit Burning Effigy’s website for more info on its publications.

[EDIT: The Second City class reading was moved to December 7. So I’ll be mentioning it in the December post instead. Got a problem widdat? Huh? Good.]

Happy Boxing Day. Go punch somebody in the nose or something.

(No horses were killed in the writing of this entry. Unless you count Maisie, but she had it coming.)