Audrey Hepburn and Elton John have a special message for you…

Five more weeks until Grouch on a Couch debuts at the Ottawa Fringe Festival!

“Hmm,” you say, “what’s that all about? I’ve heard nothing about this yet. You’re saying that they’re going to seek out some grouchy person and display him on a sofa for public view? And I was not aware that Ottawa was home to some kind of festival on the fringe of the mainstream. And for heaven’s sake, man, what are these ‘weeks’ of which you speak?”

Well, fret no more, good sirs and madams. Audrey Hepburn and Elton John are here to tell you all about it…

And here’s another promo video we’ve made for the show…

Are you adequately prepared for amusement?

Grouch on a Couch‘s debut is only six weeks away, people. And the wheels are turning. Oh yes they are. Rehearsals are under way; promo info is being distributed; organazi-zational stuff is being worked out; and we’re trying to create an early buzz. Now that we know where (Arts Court Library) and when (six performances between June 17 and 26) the Ottawa run is going on, it’s easier to start spreading the word among the populace of the National Capital Region.

In the meantime…
this Tuesday, May 11 at Clinton’s, you can catch me as one of the readers in Art Bardy Har Har, the Art Bar Poetry Series’ biannual (or so) spotlight on comical writers in the Toronto scene.

“Comedy and poetry?” you say. “Why, is it even possible to mix these two distinct art forms? Bah! Bah and foofaraw, I say. I don’t believe you, good sir. What vulgar nonsense you bestow upon me this day. I shall now retire to my study, smoke my pipe, read Sanskrit translations of Atom Egoyan screenplays and remain blissfully ignorant of all such lowbrow claptrap and boorishness. Good afternoon.”

And I reply: Relax, dood. Come and have a bit of fun.

See, it won’t be just me reading there. You also get short sets by internationally renowned poet Sandra Kasturi; Toronto Poetry Slam founder and host David Silverberg; rawk star and storyteller extraordinaire Mike Bryant; playwright and Plasticine Poetry host Cathy Petch; slam star and Youth Slam creator Yehuda Fisher; and self-proclaimed “Brown Bastard” Rahul Gupta. The evening is hosted by Valentino Assenza.

For more info, check the sidebar or click on “Events”. (Sheesh, do I hafta do everything?)

I hope that the sixth day of May is going to be in sync with you. (That is my new Star Wars pun.)