Say, mac, what’s the scoop, see?

I bet you didn’t know that they give out awards for trade magazines.

Apparently they do. At least in Canada.
The KRW Awards for business-to-business publishing has been around for more than sixty years, in fact.

And I’m nominated for one this year.

No, seriously. I am.


My article “Off the Rails”, which ran in the March 2014 issue of OHS Canada, is nominated for Best Resource/Infrastructure Article. Along with six other folks.

There’s even an awards ceremony of some kind, happening on June 2.
Thankfully, I won’t have to wear a tuxedo, or inform nosy red-carpet interviewers whom I’m wearing. And Joan Rivers won’t be there to insult people, because she’s a little tied up this year with being dead.

Still don’t believe me?
Well, I’m listed on the KRW website nominees list. I defy you to find another Jeff Cottrill who writes for OHS Canada.

“Off the Rails” is accessible from the magazine’s website, and the KRW site has a PDF file of the actual magazine version, which you can see here.

I also wrote a couple of articles for the last issue, including a short piece called “Putting Stress on Stress”, which is online here.
Also check out a couple of new theatre reviews on Digital Journal.

We happy?