“Grouch on a Couch” is now online, suckas.

I don’t have any features or gigs this month. Not until August.
I’ve had other things on my mind. For starters, I need a new day job again. Preferably something that involves writing and pays enough to live on. If you’ve got any leads in that direction, please pass them on. If it helps, I’ll even hold up my hand in the “phone” position and mouth “Call me.” That always works.

But I’ve got other fish to nuke for the moment.

Remember how I kept hyping before that a video of Grouch on a Couch was going to be online soon? (Assuming that anybody reads the posts on my website, that is?)

Well, now it’s “soon”. Grouch on a Couch is online.
Because I’ve finally gotten around to setting up my own goddamn YouTube account.

I’ve even set up a playlist that includes not only Grouch but a few other random videos of me that other people have shot… one of them is from the Bowery Poetry Club in New York, another is from a Skype broadcast event in the U.K., and so the hell on.

So now… if you’re one of those people who swore on their mothers’ graves that they intended to see Grouch on a Couch when I did it onstage, but still missed it – now you can see it!

Well, you can see a low-quality video of the show.

Specifically, of the least-attended performance of it.

In six parts.

Better than never seeing it at all, right? I hope so. Because I’m never performing it again. This is the only way you can see me perform the show now.

Why don’t I just make things easier and embed the whole thing here? Yeah, I’ll do that. You can go make popcorn in the meantime.