March comes in like a lamb, which lies down on Broadway

This is it, my friends. Get your Grouch on soon, because we’re less than two weeks away from the remount of Grouch on a Couch at the Bread and Circus Theatre!

Yes, if you missed its run at the (now in the process of relocating) Bad Dog Theatre last year, you’ve got four more chances to see it. We’ll be running the show for four straight nights, with sketch-comedy troupe Uncle Mao and the Red Star Review as the opening act. That’s two shows for the price of one, kiddo. Full details on the right sidebar, under “upcoming events”.

And even if you saw it last year at Bad Dog… come again.
Why? Because it’s going to be better this year. Seriously. We’ve got a bigger stage (and a better couch); we’ve tweaked some of the blocking and staging; and we’ve put back in some of the lines we had to cut. We had to trim a few bits to get under the Bad Dog Short Play Festival’s 45-minute time limit, but now you get to see Grouch as it was meant to be seen. Call it the director’s cut. Or rather, the writer’s.

The opening night is St. Patrick’s Day. So come in green! Green for the holiday or green for the grouch, your pick.

I’ll be on hand at a couple of upcoming shows to preview brief scenes. First, there’s Comedy Show of Madness next Wednesday at Cafe Piccolino, which Uncle Mao is putting on. And there’ll be another preview on Sunday the 13th. I don’t have the full info on that show as of this writing, but it’ll appear on the events sidebar here once I do.

And if, for some reason, you just can’t get enough of me at the Bread and Circus, never fear: I’ll be back there a few nights later, on the 23rd, in The Carnegie Hall Show — along with improv by the legendary National Theatre of the World. I’ll read or perform a spoken-word bit or too, in my first CHS appearance in almost a year. (Since then, Colin Mochrie and Scott Thompson have also performed in CHS. So I can brag that I’ve performed in the same revue as they have. Nyah.)

Below is the silly promo video for Grouch. Actually, it’s the same silly promo video that I did last year, with Audrey Hepburn and Elton John, but with the dates and venue changed.
When I posted the Hamilton version on this site last year, I got a number of comments from Elton John fans. I couldn’t tell if the fans were just sharing their proud fandom or if they were offended that I was gently taking the piss out of their idol. Frankly, I picked John only because the avatar character looked vaguely like him. I’m actually a fan of some of his work from the 1970s and early ’80s. Just cheap laughs, that’s all I was going for here.

Allrightythen. See you in Kensington Market soon.