Audrey Hepburn and Elton John have a special message for you…

Five more weeks until Grouch on a Couch debuts at the Ottawa Fringe Festival!

“Hmm,” you say, “what’s that all about? I’ve heard nothing about this yet. You’re saying that they’re going to seek out some grouchy person and display him on a sofa for public view? And I was not aware that Ottawa was home to some kind of festival on the fringe of the mainstream. And for heaven’s sake, man, what are these ‘weeks’ of which you speak?”

Well, fret no more, good sirs and madams. Audrey Hepburn and Elton John are here to tell you all about it…

And here’s another promo video we’ve made for the show…

5 Responses to “Audrey Hepburn and Elton John have a special message for you…”

  1. Lexi Adams says:

    Elton John is a very good musician and has been my idol ever since.–,

  2. Elton John is actually a living legend, what a great musical artist he is.`,-

  3. the music of elton john has this unique beat and the lyrics are very sentimental`”

  4. sir Elton John is one of the best singers that i know of, great voice and great compositions;;~

  5. elton john can be only be the best singer and composer that i know. i like the song Candle In The Wind ‘.-

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