OMG bookz iz teh awesome dood!!! lolol (Sent via ÜberWordPress)

You like books, don’t you? Of course you do.

That’s why you’re going to the twenty-first annual Word on the Street book and magazine festival this Sunday, September 26 at Queen’s Park. Once again, Burning Effigy Press is going to have a booth in the Fringe section, somewhere. I’ll be there for part of the time.

And because you like CDs almost as much as you like books, you should know that Clown with a Coat Hanger will be available for sale at the Burning Effigy table. Yeah man.

In addition, author Ian Rogers will be on hand from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to sign copies of his latest chapbook, The Ash Angels, the sequel to Temporary Monsters. Other BE authors will be present later for their own signings as well.

Of course, there’ll be far more to see at the festival than just us. Yann Martel, the guy who wrote The Life of Pi (you know, the one about the tiger and the raft), will be there. So will Erica Ehm, now a children’s author, but better known as the unbridled fantasy of an entire generation of Canadian teenage boys during her MuchMusic years. And Jessica Holmes, too. And soon-to-be-ex-Mayor David Miller, and Robert Sawyer, and the husband of the lady who designed this very website. And, it would seem, nobody whose last name begins with “U”.

There’ll also be a number of staff writers from The Toronto Star. Including movie critic Peter Howell, who once wrote me an angry, bitter e-mail saying that I would never have what it takes to write for a major newspaper. (Guess I showed him. Wait… never mind.)

Yes, I know… this is my second post in a row about a Burning Effigy event that is only marginally connected to me. I do have a gig coming up in November. Seriously. Be patient.

And now, for no apparent reason, here’s Alfred Hitchcock sexually harassing Anny Ondra in a 1929 sound test:

Have a happy.

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  1. Marilla says:

    Hooray! Hope to see you later, Jeff.
    Marilla´s last blog post ..A Jest Cause

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