Achtung Infant

Just a very tightly written update this time. I’ve been busy. More on that later.

Three events this month!
If you’re free tomorrow night (June 2), I’m doing a fifteen-minute spoken-word set at the Arts and Letters Club, at the Ad Lib Talent Show. Other performers include my friends Charlene Winger and Terry Khan, plus some Club members.

Free chips and pretzels. If free chips and pretzels don’t bring you out, I don’t know what the eff will.

The following Friday night, also at the Arts and Letters Club, I’m a cast member in Life’s WTF Moments, a series of comedy sketches written by Charlene. Come if you want to see me do a horrible Scottish accent.

Then, on the afternoon of June 24, I’ll be one of the many readers at the final Poetry & Music Salon at Palmerston Library. It’s really more of a pre-booked open mic than a real gig or feature, but I’m plugging it anyway, God damn you.

Like I said, I’ve been busy. Busy writing for money, busy writing for fun, busy supporting friends and trying to find room for having fun too. Some of the writing has been fun listsicles for the Yellow Pages website. And two of them have recently been posted:

“Outdoor Summer Music Events in Toronto”
“Outdoor Park Adventures for Kids in Toronto”

In addition, a news story I wrote for OHS Canada is getting some buzz in the Manitoba legislature:
“Widow seeking inquiry into alleged toxic exposures at Manitoba smelter in 2008”

So long. I have a date at the Rogers Centre with Bono in a few weeks. I’ll be there with or without you.

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