Vote “No” on Vember

It’s a depressing time for politics. Ol’ Creepy Eyes is still holding the reins on Parliament Hill, Chris Farley’s doppelganger is about to take over as mayor of this city, and as I write this, the Mad Hatters down south are wresting control of their country away from the people once again. On the bright side, it may be fun to have warm winters, and the comedy and satire that’ll come out of it in the next several years will be gold.

Speaking of comedy. You’ll be needing it to cheer yourself up in the dark times.
Even if you missed the Canadian Comedy Awards festival last month and didn’t feel up to spending the money to fly or bus down to Washington this past weekend for the Rally to Restore Sanity (I made it to both events, ha ha), you’ve got options this month. There’s some kind of comedy festival or something happening in Toronto this week, which I don’t feel like looking up right now. But more important: there’s me. I’m doing stuff. Next week, I’m making my third appearance in Jammin’ on the One.

Next Friday the 12th, you can catch me doing a short spoken-word set at this monthly show, which will also feature yuks from Chaos Theory and The Jenkins Syndrome. The show also features an open improv jam in which anyone can partake. So come and cut your improv teeth in some short-form games — or just come to watch me act stupid in public. Because it’s not like I’ve ever done that before.

The show starts around, like, 8:00 or so. It’s on the third floor of the esteemed Arts and Letters Club; you have to ring a bell to get inside. And no cover. Dammit, they may even have free pretzels and chips.

One more thing… keep your eyes peeled in the new year, because Grouch on a Couch may be coming back. I hope it will, anyway. We’re working on it.

And wish me a happy frickin’ birthday this Thursday. Funny how I can’t seem to get through an entire year without one of those catching up to me.

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