Do we say twenty eleven or two thousand eleven?

Has it really been two bloody months since I posted here? To the day?

Oh well. Time funs when you’re having fly. Hope you had a good Hanukkah/Xmas/Boxing Day/Festivus/New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day/MLK Day/Groundhog Day. Right now, we in Ontario are putting up the tinsel and singing the timeless carols of Family Day. That’s the day when the Focus On The Family Fairy comes down your chimney and leaves a new baby under the tree. Or just impregnates you. Or something.

Happy Family Day.

I don’t have any gigs this month, but I’m very busy preparing for the upcoming remount of Grouch on a Couch. That’s coming in less than six weeks to the Bread and Circus Theatre, featuring opening act Uncle Mao and the Red Star Review. You’ll be hearing about it. I guarantee it. I’m also getting ready for my next trip to the U.K., in April. And I’m writing comedy sketches for a Second City class. And working. And reading, and seeing shows and stuff. And doing bad improv. Such is life.

But while I don’t have any official performances this month, I do have one TV interview. Toronto Jay, with Jay Stoyan and Sandy Duarte, is having me back on in two weeks, to discuss Grouch on a Couch and whatever other hijinks of a delightfully ribald nature may come up. It seems they’re welcoming me back because I didn’t offend them enough last time. Looks like I’ll have to try harder. Time to pull out the Ricky Gervais guns…

You can catch the show with me on it later this month. (EDIT AGAIN: I’m taping it this Friday the 11th, and it’ll air a week or two after that.) The show’s on every Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m., at And if you want to watch my previous interview on the show from last April, just click on “Press/Media” up on the top banner of this page.

You’re beautiful. Yes you are.

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