Gonna pop a cap into your lansky.

Whew – it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this site. Feels like only a week or so. I hope I haven’t missed any important celebrity deaths.

But seriously, folks! [laugh track, random claps]

There are only two reasons I’m back again so soon:

1) To remind you of the launch of Grouch on a Couch: The Chapbook at Word on the Street this Sunday at Queen’s Park. Look for the Burning Effigy table, usually in the Fringe section around the park’s southeast area. I’ll be on hand from 11:00 to noon to do signings, should you be so bold as to arrive that early. I may stick around the fest for an hour or so afterwards, but the book’ll be available there all day.

Unfortunately, due to some technical silliness, the DVD I promised isn’t quite ready yet. (Good thing I’m not an elected official! [laugh track, chorus of “Woo!”]) I may either create them in early October and then awkwardly send them to interested chapbook owners, or just chop the bloody thing in four pieces and post it on YouTube. I’ve got the video, so somebody somewhere oughter see it.

2) To let you know that I’m making my third feature appearance this year at Storytelling at Caplansky’s, also this Sunday. Details under the right sidebar. I may even try some actual storytelling this time, who knows?

The night is hosted by stand-up comic extraordinaire Marilla Wex, who also designed this website. I believe it is now compulsory by law to refer to her as “Rill”.

More stuff coming up in October. CFSW. A return to Ottawa, perhaps to survey the damage I left there last year. And cake. Who doesn’t love cake?

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