Ad libs and queens. These are a few of my favourite theens.

Welcome to 2018. And maybe the pleasure dome.

Two gigs this month. Aren’t you excited?

This Thursday, I’m performing a feature set at the Queen Gallery Poetry and Music Night. This event was supposed to happen last month, but it got moved. It seems that mid-January is a far better bet for audience turnout than four days before Xmas.

There’s also an open mic, if you want to share your own writing. It’s a small, friendly art gallery with a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Here’s the Facebook event page. If you’re not on the Facebook, I heroically and thoughtfully posted the details on the right sidebar here. You’re welcome.

Also: the Friday of next week, my friend Damon Lum is holding yet another Ad Lib Talent Show for his birthday. Other performers besides me include… actually, I’m not sure. And I’ve been too lazy to ask. There may be music by Charlene Winger and Terry Kan. And other stuff. Just go, it’ll be a surprise.

Are you suffering from the winter, post-holiday blues?
Here’s a montage of Cartoon Ricky Gervais laughing. (A few images/words may be slightly NSFW.)

Dress warm, flyboy.

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